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The Crosshatch Valentine's guide 2020

by Bethany Dillon 12 Feb 2020 0 comments
The Crosshatch Valentine's guide 2020

With Valentine's day only 2 days away, here are some pointers from Crosshatch clothing to get you prepared and ready.

 Tip 1: Style.

You do not want to rock up looking like a scruff! You want to be looking stylish like the boys on Love Island. So here is the perfect Crosshatch clothing outfit to make you look stylish and ready. 

1. A red check shirt, to stick with the red theme of love. Contie shirt

2. A pair of Black jeans with rips in for some edge. Sunnyvale jeans

3. A pair of fresh white kicks to give some edge. Malttone Trainers

4. To finish off the style with a black jacket to keep the chill away with storm Ciara outside.  Rainout jacket

Use the code: VALENTINE40 to get 40% off this style.

(Offer only applies for full price products) 

Tip 2: The location.

You're going to want to treat your other half with an amazing dinner. This does not mean you have to spend a large amount. 

Bella Italia- 3-course meal £19.99

Chiquito- 3-course Meal £19.99

Turtle Bay- 4-course meal £25 

Tip 3: A present. 

You will need a present to surprise your date. Whether it is the basic flowers and chocolate the thought counts. Do not go to the nearest Tesco as a cheap last-minute option. Head to Hotel chocolat to get luxury chocolate. 

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