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Manchester’s Best Tracks of 2016

by Andrew Douglas 22 Nov 2016 0 comments

 spring king band

Manchester is a city that’s famous all over the world for many reasons. A key asset of ours is a vibrant music scene, which strings together a knack for luring in the cream of the industry with a commitment towards fostering the endless amount of local talent on offer in and around the city. 

Our cities musical roots have made Manchester a notorious and valued name within musical folklore; sitting comfortably alongside the likes of Seattle, Nashville, London, Berlin and New York as one of the go-to hubs for exciting new sounds.

With this in mind, who's been putting us on the map in 2016? Well, absolutely loads of artist’s if the truth be told; but here’s our rundown of 5 of the best.

#5: Bipolar Sunshine – Future Pt 2

Since going it alone following the split of local wonderkids Kid British back in 2012, singer Adio Merchant has been slowly but surely building a name of himself as a main player in the UK pop scene under the guise Bipolar Sunshine. It’s not hard to hear how he’s been managing to do so:

#4: Bugzy Malone – Moshpit Gang

Since blowing up outside the 0161 following his now infamous Fire in the Booth session on 1Xtra a couple of years back, it’s been nothing but progress for Bugzy. With the aforementioned video now sitting pretty at over 7 million views and debut album ‘Facing Time’ dropping earlier this year, the future looks bright for the 25-year-old grime MC:

#3: Everything Everything – I Believe It Now

It seems last year’s top ten album (Get to Heaven) and all of the subsequent work that went in to touring it worldwide wasn’t enough for this Manchester-based indie rock/pop quartet. Standalone 2016 single ‘I Believe It Now’ is proof not only of the bands tireless work ethic, but their unique ability to evolve unexpectedly with every release:

#2: Spring King – Rectifier

It seems that every year there’s a bunch of acts that gain widespread popularity seemingly overnight. Spring King are a part of 2016’s crop – their first single of the year ‘Rectifier’ receiving widespread airplay and coverage from the likes of BBC Radio One back in the spring. A quick listen to the blistering slice of guitar powered chaos is all it takes to see what the fuss is all about:

#1: Courteeners – No One Will Ever Replace Us

Simply the latest in a long line of cult bands born of the streets of Manchester, Courteeners have spent the last decade constructing one of the most dedicated fan-bases within British guitar music. The first of two singles so far from new album ‘Mapping the Rendezvous’ sees the band introduce even more fresh elements to their already distinctive sound:

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