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The Crosshatch Loyalty Club

Posted on by Bethany Dillon 0 comments

Introducing our new Crosshatch loyalty club!

We thought it was time to give something back to our loyal customers. With lifetime discounts, three different tiers and exclusive news before anyone else, the Crosshatch Loyalty Club is one you want to be a part of! As loyal customers, you deserve to get your Crosshatch clothing cheaper than everyone else, and that is exactly what the Loyalty Club is here to do.


To qualify for a Silver Membership, you need to have made 6 or more orders. Once you have qualified for a Silver Membership you will receive your very own discount code which will provide you with an unlimited 50% off everything!


When you have made 10 or more orders you will qualify for a Gold Membership. As a Gold Member, your lifetime discount will be upped to 60% off everything!


To qualify for a Legendary Membership, you need to have made 15 or more orders. As a Legendary Member of the Crosshatch Loyalty Club, you will still have your lifetime 60% off code, however… when you reach Legendary we will send you a special £30 voucher!! This voucher can be spent on whatever crosshatch items you wish*.



Your personal lifetime code can be used whenever you wish, and as many times as you like! You are also welcome to share your Crosshatch discount code with your family and friends.

Keep an eye on how many orders you have made, you could be very close to becoming a member of our club and getting your Crosshatch for cheap!

Thank you to all our loyal customers, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Crosshatch Loyalty Club.

T&C's apply

If you wish to change the name in your discount code please let us know. Discount code excludes clearance items. The discount code can not be used in conjunction with any promotions or discounts. Crosshatch have the right to revoke your discount at any time. £30 voucher excludes clearance and will come in the form of a £30 code.


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